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Wells Fargo Home Equity


Wells Fargo’s newly created channel, the Direct to Consumer Group (DTC), required dedicated marketing plan development and support. As the requirements for this assignment unfolded, additional steps became necessary in terms of Marketing team restructuring to support Business Channels, and the coordination of Marketing campaigns across channels.


Re-orient a traditionally “brand” oriented Marketing team to an organization that had ROI objectives, growth targets, and specific channel goals.


Greenway Marketing coordinated a cross functional planning team to develop an actionable marketing plan to deliver traffic and call volume to the DTC channel. Plans were developed to test Direct Response television, print, and radio campaigns, as well as to enhance internet marketing efforts through Search, Email, and Advertising.

Greenway Marketing provided direct marketing team management for the Direct to Consumer team, as well as provided input and support to the restructuring of the Consumer Credit Group’s Home Equity Marketing department. This included staff supervision, program management, and cross-functional interface between Customer Service, Human Resources, Legal, and other external consulting groups.

Advertising Agency resources were challenged to provide the Consumer Credit Group Marketing team with the division’s first Integrated Marketing Campaign across all Wells Fargo channels. Greenway Marketing Associates developed the Creative Brief, and worked with the Organization’s four external Advertising Agencies to have each present their vision of an integrated campaign launched through Retail/Point of Sale, Website, Internet, Print, Television, Radio and Direct media channels.